Sean Healy and Joe Thurston

Public art plays a vital role in the intellectual well-being and collective imagination of a community. By seeding art throughout a civic landscape, the people who work and live there can benefit from the kind of nourishment that only art can provide. Through the play of reflection, interpretation, and dreaming, public art can teach us about ourselves while enriching our connection to the world around us.

As a multidisciplinary artist team, we determine the work's materials based on its concept, so that form and content are seamlessly integrated — never retrofitted or forced. To execute, we draw on our experience with diverse materials and techniques, including sculptural steel, film and light projection, rear projection media systems, glass curtain and glass panel walls, cast glass and resin, and suspended sculpture, executed within both indoor and outdoor environments.


  • 2016      Student Recreation Center, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
  • 2015      Cornerstone, DeNorval Unthank Memorial, School of Architecture & Allied Arts, Lawrence Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 
  • 2014      Title Unknown, Stanford BioE-ChemE Building (in partnership with Felt Hat Design), Stanford, CA
  • 2014      Thin Blue Line, West Linn Police Facility, West Linn, OR
  • 2013       All That is Solid Melts Into Air, Anstett Hall/Peterson Hall/Chiles Center, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (Americans for the Arts’ Best of 2014 Public Art Award) 
  • 2010      This is a Plumb Bob, Shattuck Hall, Portland State University, Portland, OR
  • 2009     Gesture Poltics, General Service Administration, Art in Architecture Commission, FBI Headquarters, Houston, TX (Americans for the Arts’ Best of 2009 Public Art Award)
  • 2009     Links, The Nines Hotel, Portland, OR
  • 2007     Guardian Management, Portland, OR
  • 2003     Jury Pool, General Services Administration, Wayne L. Morse Courthouse Commission, Eugene, OR 
  • 2002     Tin House, McCormick Communications. Portland, OR
  • 2000     Little Golden Hallway, Pioneer Place, Portland, OR
  • 2000     Crane Building, Ashforth Pacific, Portland, OR